Senior Marshals

Campus leaders, varsity athletes, activists for diversity and inclusion and other Terps who shined both in and out of the classroom will lead the way for Friday's commencement ceremonies as the 2021 Senior Marshals.

Founded in 1991, the Senior Marshal program recognized graduating seniors who demonstrate the highest levels of scholarship, service, extracurricular activity and personal growth.

Each of the 61 students chosen this year were nominated by faculty, administrators and staff, and chosen by a committee. They represent their college and the entire class at the ceremony, assisting with the processional and receiving a medallion commemorating their achievements.

Here are the senior marshals for Spring 2021.

Portrait of Daniel Alpert

Daniel Alpert

Major: Marketing; Minors: Jewish studies, and International Development and Conflict Management
Portrait of Jordyn Battle

Jordyn Battle

Majors: Government and Politics, and Public Policy
Portrait of Hunter Anderson Baxter

Hunter Anderson Baxter

Major: Kinesiology
Portrait of Emily Berry

Emily Berry

Major: Government and Politics
Portrait of Megan Elizabeth Berry

Megan Elizabeth Berry

Major: Biological Sciences; Minor: Public Leadership
Portrait of Simran Bhattacharyya

Simran Bhattacharyya

Major: Psychology
Portrait of Jessica Boyer

Jessica Boyer

Major: Bioengineering
Portrait of Brenee Nicole Butler

Brenee Nicole Butler

Major: Studio Art; Minor: Art History
Portrait of Zachary Caplan

Zachary Caplan

Major: Government and Politics; Minor: Leadership Studies
Portrait of Kelsie Challenger

Kelsie Challenger

Major: Behavioral and Community Health
Portrait of Madeleine Chen

Madeleine Chen

Majors: Nutritional Science and Biological Sciences
Portrait of Lauren Sunyoung Cho

Lauren Sunyoung Cho

Majors: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and Chemistry
Portrait of Alysa Conway

Alysa Conway

Majors: Government and Politics, and Public Policy
Portrait of Karsten Dankyi

Karsten Dankyi

Major: Kinesiology
Portrait of Chloe Dinman

Chloe Dinman

Majors: Public Policy and American Studies
Portrait of Katherine Dorn

Katherine Dorn

Major: Environmental Science and Policy
Portrait of Joelle Everett

Joelle Everett

Major: Information Science
Portrait of Kayla Foster

Kayla Foster

Major: Public Health Science; Minor: Sustainability Studies
Portrait of Bryce Gartner

Bryce Gartner

Majors: Government and Politics, and Sociology
Portrait of Lade Gbolade

Lade Gbolade

Major: Biological Sciences; Minor: French
Portrait of Radhika Gholap

Radhika Gholap

Major: Biological Sciences; Minors: Spanish and Statistics
Portrait of Yaelle Goldschlag

Yaelle Goldschlag

Majors: Computer Science and Mathematics; Minor: Persian Studies
Portrait of Isabella Gordon

Isabella Gordon

Major: Kinesiology
Portrait of Erica Greenwald

Erica Greenwald

Major: Government and Politics; Minors: Global Poverty, and International Development and Conflict Management
Portrait of Yael Hamburger

Yael Hamburger

Major: Family Science; Minors: Spanish and Health, Humanities and Medicine
Portrait of Nishitha Hosamane

Nishitha Hosamane

Major: Biological Sciences; Minor: Mathematics
Portrait of Arielle Jackson

Arielle Jackson

Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice; Minor: Law and Society
Portrait of Katherine Jackson

Katherine Jackson

Major: Art History
Portrait of Atara Kahn

Atara Kahn

Majors: Public Policy and Communication
Portrait of Marie-Line Kam

Marie-Line Kam

Major: Public Health Science; Certificate: Women’s Studies
Portrait of Divya Kapoor

Divya Kapoor

Majors: Information Systems and Operations Management, and Business Analytics
Portrait of Sarah Elizabeth Kirby

Sarah Elizabeth Kirby

Major: Public Health Science
Portrait of Kavya Kumaran

Kavya Kumaran

Majors: Accounting and Management
Portrait of Amina Symone Lampkin

Amina Symone Lampkin

Majors: Journalism and Information Science
Portrait of Kyeisha Laurence

Kyeisha Laurence

Major: Biological Sciences; Minor: French
Portrait of Priscilla Lee

Priscilla Lee

Major: Bioengineering
Portrait of Lancelot Lin

Lancelot Lin

Major: Broadcast Journalism; Minor: Asian American Studies
Portrait of Alexandra Marquez

Alexandra Marquez

Majors: Journalism and Anthropology
Portrait of Peter Marston

Peter Marston

Major: Biological Sciences
Portrait of Catherine May

Catherine May

Major: Public Health Science
Portrait of Mariella Medina

Mariella Medina

Major: Public Health Science
Portrait of Jailyn M. Morris

Jailyn M. Morris

Major: Kinesiology
Portrait of Desiree Morrison

Desiree Morrison

Majors: Operations Management and Business Analytics, and Accounting
Portrait of Chloe Sun Ober

Chloe Sun Ober

Major: Economics; Minor: Professional Writing
Portrait of Nadia Jean Owusu

Nadia Jean Owusu

Major: Government and Politics; Minor: Public Leadership
Portrait of Sheena Patel

Sheena Patel

Major: Environmental Science and Policy, and Spanish
Portrait of Shiv Patel

Shiv Patel

Major: Computer Science; Minor: Technology Entrepreneurship
Portrait of Patrick Peralta

Patrick Peralta

Major: Government and Politics; Minor: Asian American Studies
Portrait of Amy Rose Petrocelli

Amy Rose Petrocelli

Major: Communication; Minor: Army Leadership Studies
Portrait of David Polefrone

David Polefrone

Majors: Chemistry and Economics
Portrait of Mary Sharron Poorman

Mary Sharron Poorman

Major: Theatre
Portrait of Gisell Elena Ramirez

Gisell Elena Ramirez

Majors: Spanish Language, Literatures and Culture, and Criminology and Criminal Justice
Portrait of Wendashia Jones Ray

Wendashia Jones Ray

Major: Communication
Portrait of Julia Reicin

Julia Reicin

Majors: Psychology and Geographic Information Science
Portrait of David Rekhtman

David Rekhtman

Majors: Biochemistry and Biological Sciences Double Degree
Portrait of Sarah Sabet

Sarah Sabet

Major: Public Health Science
Portrait of Sydney Sharp

Sydney Sharp

Major: Biological Sciences and African American Studies dual degree
Portrait of Philippos Sourvinos

Philippos Sourvinos

Major: Theatre
Portrait of Andrew Patrick String

Andrew Patrick String

Majors: Government and Politics, and Economics
Portrait of Saba J. Tshibaka

Saba J. Tshibaka

Major: Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Portrait of Balbina Yang

Balbina Yang

Major: English Language and Literature; Minor: Art History
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