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Watch the University of Maryland Office of Undergraduate Studies' virtual commencement ceremony celebrating our spring 2021 graduates! #UMDgrad

William Cohen
William A. Cohen

Dear UGST Graduating Class of Spring 2021:

We greatly wish that we could gather in person to celebrate this important moment of transition, this culmination of our students’ amazing achievements. We are extremely proud of our students this year.

Under these extraordinary circumstances, our students nonetheless completed their coursework and final capstone projects with astonishing success!

The Individual Studies Program (IVSP) is the Office of Undergraduate Studies’ only degree-granting program. It was founded on the principle that there are some exceptional, self-motivated, passionate students whose particular interests are best served by enabling them to create individualized majors that span a number of disciplines and approach questions from multiple perspectives.

Joan Burton
Joan B. Burton

Today our IVSP graduates this spring graduate with B.A. and B.S. degrees in majors across the spectrum, including Strategic Communication for the Environment; Leadership and Community Engagement;  International Development and Cultural Understanding; Human Rights and Global Challenges; Animation and Digital Storytelling; Human-Centered Engineering Design; Infant and Maternal Health Sciences; Sport Management and Communication; Equine Welfare and Management; Global Public Health; Business and Environmentally Sustainable Development; Health and Wellness; Public Health and Food Security; Global Health and Development; Health Sciences, Policy and Management; and Bioinformatics. They have been active leaders in student organizations, research assistants, and undergraduate teaching assistants. They have served as firefighters, EMTs, an artist at the Diamondback, and a group leader at Recwell, and interned with such organizations as Children’s National Hospital, Office of the U.S. Surgeon General, Sky Blue Football Club, Department of State, Woodrow Wilson International Center, and the Office of the Public Defender in Maryland.

We in Undergraduate Studies are proud of your accomplishments and offer heartfelt congratulations. We are proud to celebrate these amazing students and their faculty mentors, their families, their friends and supporters-- the whole, glorious world that joins together to support each and every student. 

And, on behalf of IVSP, we welcome you into the IVSP Alumni family! Please remember: you always have a home in the Office of Undergraduate Studies at the University of Maryland. We offer you support, advice, and encouragement as you make your way through life. Please stay in touch, share your news, and call on us whenever we can help! 

Congratulations, Graduates! 

William A. Cohen, Associate Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Studies
University of Maryland

Joan B. Burton, Director
Individual Studies Program
University of Maryland​​​

Lori Praniewicz, Assistant Director
Individual Studies Program
University of Maryland

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