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Watch the University of Maryland School of Public Health's virtual commencement ceremony celebrating our spring 2021 graduates! #UMDgrad

Boris D. Lushniak

Dear Public Health Terps, 

Congratulations to the 540 undergraduate, 74 master’s and 13 doctoral graduates of the School of Public Health’s Spring class of 2021! Today, we’re celebrating the amazing accomplishments of the next generation of public health leaders! 

We all know this has been a difficult year. In addition to the coronavirus pandemic that we’re not yet past, we’ve been grappling with a pandemic of violence against Black lives and hateful attacks against Asian-Americans, both rooted in our country’s legacy of racism. 

We’re facing the devastating reality of the climate crisis and its threats to our health. And we still have yet to enact meaningful gun safety laws that could prevent the tragic deaths of tens of thousands of people lost to gun violence each year.  

And all of these together have a disproportionate impact on people of color and other marginalized communities.  

Yet, public health plays a central role in addressing all of these challenges. As graduates of a top-ranked  School of Public Health, you have the optimism, empathy and skills that will help us to better prepare for future pandemics, mitigate climate change, advance health equity and influence real change.  

You are beginning a career path that will protect and improve the health of individuals, families, communities, and populations, locally and globally. We need your leadership, we need you to be excellent communicators who can build trust and help people to understand and act on science. Because public health matters everyday, not just in times of emergency.  

I hope you will watch our School of Public Health ceremony together with those close to you, and celebrate and reflect on all you have learned and are continuing to learn as you embark on a pathway to do public health good!  

Congratulations class of 2021! You did it! We are public health Terps and we are Terrapin Strong!  

Boris D. Lushniak, Dean and Professor 
School of Public Health
University of Maryland

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