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Regalia Information

Graduate at commencement wearing regaliaAcademic regalia are the traditional dress for degree candidates participating in college, school and department convocations, as well as the university-wide commencement ceremony.

For those earning a bachelor’s degree, a black gown and mortarboard are worn. A black tassel with a custom UMCP medallion is attached. A custom UMCP red stole completes the regalia for bachelor’s degree candidates.

UBC Purchase Deadline: April 20, 2022            Price: $90

Master’s degree students wear a modified gown with longer sleeves, the mortarboard with an attached UMCP black tassel, custom UMCP red stole, and a hood. The hood color represents your specific degree or discipline. 

UBC Purchase Deadline: April 20, 2022            Price: $158

The most elaborate regalia on display at Commencement are worn by those receiving a doctoral degree. A doctor's gown is a much fuller gown and is decorated with velvet lapels and three chevrons sewn onto the sleeves of the gown that designate the recipient as a “doctor.” In place of the mortarboard, doctoral students wear a tam, a velvet hat with a tassel attached that is much less rigid in construction.

Doctoral regalia are unique in the sense that it is often worn many times following the degree recipient's own graduation, especially for those who pursue careers in academia. It distinguishes the faculty member as a graduate of a specific institution. As is common for many universities, a unique doctoral regalia was designed and customized for the University of Maryland College Park. Doctoral regalia may be purchased or rented.

Doctoral Candidates who are undecided or pending defense are strongly encouraged to preorder. Payment is deferred until regalia is picked-up.

UBC Purchase Deadline: March 30, 2022               Price: $1098

Rental Deadline: April 20, 2022    Price: $260 + $500 Deposit (Keeper Tam & Tassel)
            *Rental Due Back Date: No Later Than June 3, 2022

Ordering and Purchasing Regalia

On Campus (University Book Center)

Academic regalia is available for purchase from the University Book Center (UBC). The UBC will continue to provide regalia services up until commencement. Gown sizing and hood colors may be limited after April 20. Along with full regalia packages, the UBC will stock individual pieces, including the tassel, stole, and hood. 

Order Online (Oak Hall)

Regalia will be available to order online directly from Oak Hall for a limited time. Please note that Doctoral Rentals will not be available online, visit the University Book Center for ordering. Flat Rate $14 Shipping charge will apply.

For Candidates | Ordering Link Available March 14 – April 20

Regalia Support Contact

Deddisun Won, Operation Manager
University Book Center
Stamp Student Union Bldg.
Visit for more information.

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